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3312 Roblin Boulevard

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The same great White House has a new home.

Welcome to The White House on Roblin.


The White House is happy to be expanding at its new location at 3312 Roblin Boulevard.

We want to thank everyone for their patronage over the years at our Grant Avenue location and we look forward to continuing to serve those same customers and many new customers at our new location.


The White House has been a staple in Winnipeg since it opened its doors well over 60 years ago on Selkirk Avenue. It then moved to Grant Avenue for more than 30 years, and now it has a new home on Roblin.

We look forward to providing our customers with our same great White House staples: ribs, chicken and coleslaw, and look forward to everyone trying our new menu items too. We can't wait for our new items to become staples in your home and on our menu.


The White House is proud to maintain its reputation for having Winnipeg’s Greatest Ribs. The baby back pork ribs are the restaurant’s most popular item and are grilled with The White House Barbeque Sauce. This original signature sauce has continued to be a hit with all customers, old and new, as they enjoy the barbeque ribs and chicken. The White House Barbeque Sauce is available for purchase, by the bottle, at the restaurant and at local delis around Winnipeg.

Other signature items The White House is known for are the homemade coleslaw, original honey dill sauce and the secret blend of spices that top the french fries.

There are new menu items that have The White House touch added to them. The Caesar salad dressing is a house-made dressing that packs a garlicly punch and will have customers returning for more. The new marinated chicken breasts are marinated in a secret blend of spices and grilled in our barbeque sacue, just like our slow-cooked pulled pork.

All new items are ready for you to try today, so head over to our menu and check them out.

The White House has served many customers over the years and is happy to see old and new faces. The staff hears a variety of stories from customers; some tell of years ago when they enjoyed The White House on Selkirk Avenue and others tell of how they moved away and have returned, anxious to place an order at The White House. We look forward to seeing our regular customers at our new locations and we can't wait to have our new customers become regulars as well.


We are happy to know that you, Winnipegers, are enjoying The White House at your house.

We appreciate you.



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